Solid Sawn White Oak II - Hardwood

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Vintage’s revolutionary Solid Sawn® Hardwood floors offer both stability and beauty in a variety of species and a wide selection of distinctive colors and widths. Provided that a relative humidity level of 25-70% is maintained, we guarantee that our Solid Sawn® floors will not cup, crown or produce gaps in the colder months of the year.


  • Colors Available in Wire Brushed: Atlantis, Baroque, Buckingham, Gotham, Orion, Pharaoh, Zeus
  • Colors Available in Wire Brushed Fumed: Spartacus
  • Colors Available in Wire Brushed R & Q: Natural, Baroque, Buckingham, Gotham, Nautilus
  • Colors Available in Hand Scraped: Natural, Baroque, Buckingham, Gotham, Nautilus, Oracle, Othello
  • Colors Available in Hand Scraped Fumed: Old Oak, Greystoke 
  • Structure: Solid Sawn 
  • Wood Species: White Oak
  • Dimensions: 5", 7", 8" Plank, 10" Plank, Herringbone
  • Technology: Smooth, Wire Brushed, Hand Scraped
  • Product Grade: Select V - color variation and naturally occurring characteristics, Character - unlimited color variation and naturally occurring characteristics, Fumed - A uniquely beautiful and stable reminiscent of Black Walnut is created when White Oak goes through a fuming process that brings out the natural tannins of the wood, Rift & Quarter Sawn (R&Q) - wood is cut at a specific angle to increase stability and minimize warping
  • Finish: Pearl and Oil
  • Edge Style: Micro-bevel
  • Install Methods: Nail-down, 
  • Install On: On or Above Grade
  • Residential Warranty: 10 Year
  • Structural Warranty: Lifetime - relative humidity must be maintained between 25% and 75%
  • Manufacture: Vintage