Sao Paolo Hecolo Collection - Wall

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The light of the setting sun is captured in this luminous panel featuring a mixture of amber, gold and brown tones. A subtle yet unbridled effect


Made from carefully selected hardwood, FriendlyWall® wall panels have been conceived to inspire designers, architects and every single interior design lover. This decorative products, manufactured by Finium, is distributed in Canada, the United States and now in some European countries.


  • Color Name: Sao Paolo
  • Collection: Hecolo
  • Wood Species: Mix of Hardwood Species
  • Dimensions: 5.7mm-7.2mm x 12" x 60"
  • Technology: Engineered Hardwood Decorative Wall Panel
  • Gloss: N/A
  • Carton Size: 6 Panels - 30 Sq Ft
  • Finish: N/A
  • Install Methods: Glue Down
  • Manufacture: Finium