Rigid Core Vantage - LVT

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  • COLLECTION : Rigid Core Vantage
  • COLORS :
    • Artist Loft Graphite
    • Hickory Bridge Salty
    • Hickory Bridge Staying Neutral
    • Hickory Bridge Tenacious Taupe
    • Bonanza Springs Paint Brush
    • Camargo Oak Nickel Mine
    • Camargo Oak Penny Arcade
    • Camargo Oak Sand Dollar
    • Camargo Oak Silver Dollar
    • Clover Dale Oak Gray Glimmer
    • Clover Dale Oak Sunny Blush
    • Fireside Tavern Golden Ale
    • Sassafras Lodge Fall Foliage
    • Sassafras Lodge Toasted Marshmallow
    • Summerfield Oak Dockside Brown
    • Summerfield Oak Sand Castle
    • Summerfield Oak Stone Harbor Gray
    • Summerfield Oak Sunset Glow
    • Woodward Winds Beige Breeze
    • Woodward Winds Gusty Gray
  • Overview
    Expect drama – from your design
    The exacting detail of a natural wood look brought to life. Extra-large format planks. High plank-to-plank variation. Painted bevel edge accents. Go ahead and create your own drama with Rigid Core Vantage.

    Stands up to dents and scratches – and looks good doing it
    A key benefit of selecting rigid core flooring is outstanding dent performance. While many flexible LVT products can handle scratches – as can Rigid Core Vantage with its 20 mil urethane wear layer – resistance to dents is an important consideration in many commercial spaces to ensure that today’s investment looks newer longer.

    Installation bliss
    Rigid planks with attached cork backing help span minor subfloor imperfections that may telegraph through thinner flexible LVT or need more extensive subfloor preparation for it to be installed successfully. Thanks to its dimensional stability, installers do not have to acclimate Rigid Core Vantage in most installations and also do not have to use special adhesive in areas with high sun exposure. Rather, installers can get to work sooner, and install faster.