Rejuvenations Stonerun - LVT

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  • COLLECTION : Rejuvenations Stonerun
  • COLORS : 
    • Lithos Stone Earl
    • Lithos Stone Jasmine
    • Sidecar Destination
    • Sidecar Navigation
    • Sidecar Roadmap
    • Sidecar Vacation
    • Solidified Asphalt Gray
    • Solidified Pavement
    • Solidified Salted Concrete
    • Solidified Stone
  • Overview
  • The inspiration behind the Armstrong Flooring Rejuvenations StoneRun Collection comes from on-trend stone and concrete visuals in modern contemporary tones of gray, mimicking polished concrete installations.

    This collection is ideal for use in healthcare applications looking for soothing, biophilic designs, education spaces commanding beautiful visuals that also stand up to the day-to-day demands of this environment, or corporate spaces. As part of Continuum Solutions, StoneRun works seamlessly with other Armstrong Commercial Flooring products to create beautiful, coordinated spaces, allowing you to choose the right flooring structure for the space you are designing without compromising your vision.


    Using cultured diamonds with all the properties of natural diamonds, StoneRun with Diamond 10 Technology provides the highest scratch, stain and scuff resistance in the industry and keep your floors looking newer longer.