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  • COLLECTION : Rejuvenations Restore
  • COLORS : 
    • Alchemy Empress Sand
    • Alchemy Gingerly Put
    • Alchemy Regal
    • Cherry Crimson
    • Impresso Batiste
    • Impresso Bisso
    • Keamzie Kangaroo
    • Keamzie Melbourne
    • Metropolis New Yorker
    • Sidecar Vacation
    • Solidified Asphalt Gray
    • Urban Maze Soho
    • Cityscape Upper East Side
    • Maple Knock Knock
    • Maple Lane Agave
    • Maple Lane Golden Nectar
    • Maple Lane Honeycomb
    • Rustic Beech Sunscreen
    • Walnut Street Deep Forest
    • Walnut Street Snow Capped
  • Overview
    Rejuvenations Restore is a no-polish, low-maintenance solution that offers the perfect balance of performance and comfort under foot. And, with Diamond 10 Technology, floors look newer, longer as a result of category-leading scratch, stain, and scuff resistance.

    Supporting Those Who Support Others
    Caregivers spend hours on their feet, often putting the needs of others above their own. Restore is constructed with a comfort base layer to help reduce foot and leg fatigue and joint impact with every step, so focus remains on the patient, and not on aching feet.

    Set the Tone for Healing
    A calm, quiet environment is critical to the healing process. Restore can help control sound transmission and surface-generated noise to maintain privacy and create a soothing space.