Parallel USA 12 - LVT

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  • COLLECTION : Parallel USA 12
  • COLORS : 
    • Brushed Essence Enchanted
    • Flint Ridge Storm Sky
    • Havana Biscuit Beige
    • Havana Heather
    • Havana Henna
    • Havana Toast
    • Jace Ebony Gray
    • Jace Pier Beige
    • Jace Silver Gray
    • Savannah Walnut Endearing
    • Cornelius Creek Sage Brown
    • Cottonwood Springs Sunset Blonde
    • Glen Brook Oak Drift Sand
    • Glen Brook Oak Evening Shadow
    • Glendale Oak Forest Gray
    • Glendale Oak Scotch Mist
    • Glendale Oak Silver Fox
    • Hightop Hickory Caramel Cove
    • Long Beach Oak Golden Sand
  • Overview
    Manufactured in the US, Parallel USA Luxury Flooring offers a balance of performance, design and price – and is just a truck delivery away. Its performance has been strengthened with Urethane Plus coating to provide enhanced resistance to scratches, stains and scuffs compared to standard urethane coatings.

    The curated collection features sophisticated fabric designs in subtle neutral tones on a tile format, and an array of wood species, and even a stone-inspired wood plank to balance the collection.

    Parallel USA 20 is ideally suited for areas where commercial flooring performance is a requirement. Parallel USA 12 can be used in light commercial spaces, Main Street businesses, and residential areas in mixed use properties.