Paragon - Carpet

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Never too much of a good thing, Paragon are super big carpets with splashes of texture and personality. Manufactured from SureSoftSD, and offered in 9 fetching colors, you will surely get lost in their softness and appeal.


  • Style Name: Paragon
  • Number of Available Colours: 9
  • Dimensions: 12' Wide
  • Technology: Polyester
  • Appearance: Casual
  • Solution Dyed: 100% Solution Dyed P.E.T. Polyester
  • Limited Texture Resistance Warranty: 10 Years
  • Limited Soil Resistance Warranty: Lifetime
  • Stain Treatment: 100% SureSoftSD
  • Manufacture: Phenix

SureSoftSD are made from carpet fiber that is 100% Soft Solution Dyed P.E.T. Polyester.  Offers superior softness and tactile comfort, clear color articulation and inherent stain resistance.