Myla - Tile

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Providing an elegant hardwood look while Conserving the Earth’s natural resources. Myla captures the refined nuances of the forest’s natural color pallet, highlighting the wood’s tonality and depth of character. Just as the woodworking process requires patience and attention to detail, the skill and artistry of the master carpenter comes to life through this man made product. A seamless replication of hardwood flooring in a porcelain tile. A realistic texture emulating the rich detailed patterns of natural wood, but with the strength and durability to last in high traffic areas.

Casa Roma ® - Myla has a total of 10 beautiful variations to match your living space.

Technical Specifications

Friction Coefficient Wet > 0.50 - Dry > 0.70
Frost Resistance Yes
Chemical Resistance Class A
Tile Thickness 9mm except 8x48 = 10.7mm
MR Rating < 0.5%
Variation Moderate
Dynamic Coefficient Of Friction > 0.42 (wet)