Marstood - Tile

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Something more than just a collection: an idea. The idea that by putting together three different types of materials, we could get to a complete and defined space for both the professional and the consumer. Mixing different materials with different geological origins, reproduced using the most advanced porcelain technology available in matching colours: this is the idea that will achieve perfect combination, indoor and out, for every style. Three marbles, three stones and, one wood in two colours, all blended together in a unique concept. Nothing will be the same again.

Casa Roma ® - Marstood has a total of 11 beautiful variations to match your living space.

Technical Specifications

Bisque Glazed and Unglazed Porcelain Stoneware
Wear Rating PEI 4-5 (Marble)
DCOF >0.42 (Wood/Stone)
Frost Resistant Yes
MR Rating MR1
Surface Hardness MOHS 7
Thickness 10 mm
Chemical Resistance Yes
Shade Variation Slight (V2)
Warranty 25 Years Residential
Usage Residential/Commercial, Indoor/Outdoor