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The whole Evoke collection project is based on an original graphic research into products recovered from old concrete floors. In this concrete-effect porcelain stoneware the worn colors come through pure, as if the signs of time had not affected the nature of the surface, leaving it intact as if just dried.

Note: Tierra Sol recommends the use of grout release and/or sealers to help avoid staining of light colored polished porcelain and natural stone materials. Remember, always test first.


  • Color Choices: Beige, Greige, Grigio, Nero, Talco
  • Series: Evoke
  • Collection: Fioranese
  • Shape and Size: 12" x 24", 24" x 24", 36" x 36", 8" x 8" Deco Mix, 2" x 2" Mosaic 
  • Thickness: N/A
  • Type: Ceramic and Stone Tile
  • Construction: Porcelain
  • Gloss Level / Finish: Glazed Wall Tile
  • Wear Rating PEI: N/A
  • Shade Variation: V3 - Moderate Variation
  • Water Absorption: N/A
  • DCOF: 0.63
  • MOHS: N/A 
  • Frost Resistant: Yes
  • Certifications: Up to 40% Recycled Content
  • Display: Floor, Wall, Décor 
  • Application: Residential, Light Commercial
  • Residential Warranty: 10 years
  • Manufacture: Tierra Sol