Boulevard - Tile

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This is a beautiful and uniquely textured product. A grout releasing agent should be applied prior to grouting to prevent all grout particles from sticking to the surface of the tile. Once grout residue is left to dry on a tile, it can be extremely difficult to remove. An application of a grout releasing agent prior to grouting will simplify and reduce the time needed for cleanup. Boulevard is available the following 12”x24” matte rectified stone accessory pieces available in either warm (brown) or cool (grey).

Casa Roma ® - Boulevard has a total of 2 beautiful variations to match your living space.

Technical Specifications

Bisque Porcelain Stoneware
Wear Rating PEI (Ciottoli = n/a)
Surface Hardness MOHS N/a
COF Wet 0.64, dry 0.72 (R10 field tile, R11 Ciottoli)
DCOF 0.42
Water Absorption <0.5%
Moisture Rating MR1
Flexural Strength >50 N/mm²
Resistance To Acid Yes
Frost Resistant Yes
Thickness 9.5mm
Usage Residential, Light Commercial, Indoor/Outdoor, Wall/Floor
Shade Variation Slight (V2) Ciottoli
Warranty 25-year residential (floor tiles only)