MyVision - Floor Visualization

We are very happy to present MyVision Floor Visualizer.  This revolutionary technology allow you to use your phone to take a picture of your room - and then see how different flooring will look!  Click below to be taken to our MyVision Floor Visualizer, or read further for instructions.  

Make sure to open this site on your phone or tablet for ease of use.

MyVision Logo - Link to

Once the page has opened, click on the blue and white 'Take Photo of My Room'

Then choose Take Photo to open your phone's camera.

Once you have taken a photo, you can then choose 'Retake' or "Use Photo'.  Once you have the photo that you want to use, make sure to click 'Use Photo'.

MyVision will then render the photo - this will take a few seconds.

From there, on the bottom right - choose 'Filter' and it will take you through the products that you can see.  This list is improving every day and is alphabetical - so it starts with Ceramic Tile, then onto Cork, Hardwood, LVT, and then Laminate.  To choose a flooring, click the box to the left of the product.  Then click on the top 'Confirm' . Then presto!  Repeat as many times as necessary.

We have this opening in a new window, so that you can go back to our webpage, choose Floors First - and see what your new flooring will cost!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask - and we will be uploaded an instructional video showing you all the steps within the next few days.