LVP/LVT Education

Here will show you what to expect with LVP/LVT (Luxury Vinyl Plank & Luxury Vinyl Tile).  This is the fastest growing segment in flooring today, which is both great and bad!

The amount of misinformation - and information and products that just don't work in our climate (Regina and Southern Saskatchewan) is vast.  While we don't pretend to be the only ones with experience in this product - we do test everything ourselves before we offer it to you!  In a video coming soon, we will show you our testing setup and explain it all.  For now - enjoy some info! 

Luxury Vinyl Plank is the main category for many different product lines - Vinyl Plank, LVP, LVT, SPC, WPC - they are all Luxury Vinyl Plank.

They are all similar in that they are individual boards or planks of Vinyl Flooring that are either floated, glued or clicked together.  Unlike Sheet Vinyl or Lino as well call it - which is a sheet good that comes usually 12' wide with a very thin wear layer.  Vinyl Plank on the other hand is usually much thicker, denser and more durable and are individual boards or planks so it's a much easier installation.

Vinyl Planking consists of a wear layer measured in mils thickness - the thicker, the better.  A rule of thumb is that 20mils or more is considered suitable for commercial applications or in the high traffic areas of your home.  Then it's the image - either that of wood, tile or stone.  This is what you are looking at, this is what gives it the amazing realistic looks that we are going for.  The technology in printing quality really has come a long way.  Then the core - which is available in many different formats.

Most of the Vinyl Planking that we do at GR Flooring is what is called a 5mm Loose Lay.  These have the same surface construction of wear layer, then image, then the core.  This core is a mixture of Solid Vinyl and Fiberglass.  The reason why we have such great success with the 5mm is the fact that they have added fiberglass to the construction of the planks.

Why is fiberglass so important to Vinyl Plank?  The reason for this is stability.  Vinyl Plank is amazing for ease of installation, water resistance, looks and durability.  What is a negative with Luxury Vinyl Plank is that it is susceptible to heat.  The planks will expand when heated and shrink when cold.  Anything over 32C (90F) is considered too high by the manufacturers.  Which is why you need to have window dressings, etc...

Now 32C isn't crazy - our wonderful summers get there, but not for long, so how is this a problem?  Simple - sunlight.  Here in Southern Saskatchewan we have so many days of sun - and that beats directly onto the floor through our windows.  We have done tests in our showroom and even in the winter, we have gotten significantly over 32F on the floor.

Therefore Vinyl Plank isn't good for our climate?  No - fiberglass is what makes the floor work, it's stability when in the floor works just amazing.  So with the 5mm Loose Lay Vinyl Plank with it's Fiberglass core, it works.

There are also some clicks, specifically a few of the SPC (Stone Plastic Core) products that have passed our heat tests (something to do with the core and what's mixed into it).  Many have not.  

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