What is the Best Flooring for a Rental Suite?

More and more the question seems to come up in our conversations with different people as they come to their showroom; the question is what is the best floor for a rental property?

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Of course like with many things, there are so many different factors to consider before making your final decision such as:

  • What area / rooms are you looking to do?
  • What is currently on the floor?
  • What will you be allowing / not allowing in your rental unit?
  • What is the look and feel that you are wanting to have in your suite?

Let’s go over these points individually.  First of all – what area or rooms are you looking to do, if you’re looking to do a bedroom, you will have different needs than if you’re doing a kitchen.  Keep in mind the type of traffic and expectations that a renter will have when they are looking at the space.  When they are looking at the home, usually they will be visualising their furniture, their stuff – and trying to figure out if they can really see their life there.  And keep in mind spilling from eating, how easy it will be to keep clean – and to repair if the tenant damages them.

What’s currently on the floor – if you have hardwood now, maybe you can get the floor refinished and have a brand new floor?  If there is carpet now, maybe a vinyl plank or laminate might look good in the space.  Whereas if you have vinyl now, it would take a lot of subfloor and work to get it ready for tile.  Just to keep in mind.

Who and what will you be allowing in your suite?  If you are allowing pets and kids, then waterproof and easy to clean would be the mentality to keep.  If it’s more a retirement type home, then comfort, warmth and non-slipperyiness would be more desirable.

Then of course, the look or feel of the rental suite.  Are you going for a more upscale client?  Maybe some tile and hardwood would be in your sights.  If you’re going for families, and want to spend less on maintenance and repairs, then maybe more towards vinyl plank.

So, there are a few questions to think about.  Weigh the pros and cons, and really spend some time thinking about what you’re looking to achieve.  Here is my personal list of what and where I would do…

Bedroom / Stairs / Basement – Carpet.  Typically go with a Mohawk Forever Clean product.  My personal choice would be Authentic Escape.  Cheap, Durable, Clean looks!

Kitchen / Bathrooms / Entry / Laundry – LVT.  Luxury Vinyl Tile, no grout.  I’ve found over the last years that most people expect, or at least like to see, a tile type look in the wet areas of the home.  LVT is vinyl plank that looks like tile.  Waterproof, Inexpensive, Easy to Install & Repair

Living Room / Family Room – LVP.  Luxury Vinyl Plank.  These are the same as LVT, only with a wood look.  Waterproof, Inexpensive, Easy to Install & Repair.  What I would also do, if you are looking to do a larger area – say a kitchen, living room and bathroom, I would keep the same throughout.  The fewer types of flooring, the less choppy the home feels.

These are just my opinions, so take them with a grain of salt of course.  Good luck with your renovations!





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