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2019 Hardwood Flooring Trends

There comes a moment in our lives when we choose to value personally enriching experiences more than material possessions.  We seek more significant ways to make our existences meaningful and true; we become more aware of the damages caused by our “throwaway” culture and look for more sustainable avenues to our comfort zone.

This enlightened awareness leads us to making more sensible choices, looking for healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives that bring long term usefulness and potential multiple uses, saving us time and space for what really matters.

Then it comes as no surprise that interior designing is now all about crafting minimalist environments that allow us to get in tune with ourselves and valuing our own precious moments.  A sanctuary to connect and live every day freely and at its fullest.

Hardwood Flooring Latest Trends

Smooth Textures

Soft and soothing materials are becoming essentials, with heavily brushed hardwood floors raising less interest.  Softly sculpted or brushed floors remain, but they are leaving space for smoother textures.  This luxurious feel instills a mindset of peace and tranquility that perfectly fits minimalist decors.

Ultra-Matte Finishes

New smooth surfaces are now paired with low gloss finishes for a delicate, almost chalky hand feel.  Together, they add noble authenticity to hardwood floors, giving them a relaxing surface we enjoy feeling and touching.  In addition to being sophisticated, low gloss floors are also best a hiding marks, scuffs and scratches that can occur in the course of an active life.

Smoothing Colours

Stain hues in hardwood flooring are emerging from dark espresso and cool grey to ethereal neutrals, whites, soft cream, taupe or warm grey.  And if you must have brown, let it be a classy and elegant shade of mocha.  These lighter stains allow the grain character to come through, enhancing the authenticity of hardwood.

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